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At Think Gudd, we work towards building a network of creative communities brought together by the power of commnunication to drive positive change.


Mediavalas are local youth, skilled and equipped with the infrastructure to function like media agencies on the go to help communities and entities grow their impact, and reach their right audiences.

The Problem


The Solution

We aim to show small businesses and other entities the true scope of possibilities that come with an online presence. We train our Mediavalas to intervene and help them become everything they can imagine and more.



Our training consists of 20 sessions of 1-2 hours each, while covering topics ranging from media to creator skills.

Who is Mediavala

Mediavala and Media kit

The key characteristics of a Mediavala will be:

  • Increasing community media awareness & conducting trainings

  •  21st century creator skills

  • Amplifies stories from grassroots

  • Supported by Gudd’s industry expertise

  • Shared resource among communities

  • Understands culturally-relevant perspectives

  • Offers a variety of services at nominal costs

Media Kits

Mediakits provided by Think Gudd, will have all the equipment a Mediavala can need. It includes a tablet, tripod and lights for all-round content creation.

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