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An online platform for change-makers and causes to help them reach their impact potential through communication by offering tools like media creation skill training and providing relative tips with supporting materials. Commu aims to create a community of causes and creators that inspire change through impact stories and fresh content while increasing their reach.

Our 4 tools to maximise cause impact


A collection of inspirational impact stories about causes creating positive change to inspire fellow change-makers and creators.  Experiences and tips would be shared to mutually create change at the ‘Commu forum for impact communication’

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A series of helpful tutorials (fundamentals and tips) on various media creation skills, highlighting their practical aspects like implementation and importance. A Do-It-Yourself kit for anyone looking to increase their impact.

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By the community, for the community; our collection of collaborative podcasts and videos will feature topics ranging in Marketing, entrepreneurship, social sector challenges, fundraising, current issues, rural development and many others. A set of resources accelerating and inspiring change!

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Take a course to become a communicator using essential 21st Century skills to maximise impact for your cause. The ‘Creator for impact’ online course includes a variety of topics designed to help our audience take their impact communication to the next level through currently relative platforms.

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DIY MArketing


Videos and Podcasts

Become a changemaker



A series of creative workshops that ensures that the atendee not only enjoys the learning process of media creation, but also helps them experiment and discover interest in the field.


Through Let’s Talk Rural, we want to accomplish a win-win situation where people from low-exposure communities get to share their stories and our audience gets a fresh perspective (potentially an alternative conversation starter).

Skill Collective.png

Using our three-step process for skill development (TRAIN | EMPOWER | CREATE), we aim to build a network of talented yet underexposed marketeers by providing them with opportunities and a comprehensive industry-relevant training.

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